4 epics sides to amp up your festive menu

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4 epics sides to amp up your festive menu

The festive season is all about bringing loved ones together. What better way to do that than with big roasts that are meant for sharing? Make impressive sides that rival your big roasts such as red-wine poached pears, roasted grapes and a potato salad with a difference.

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Planning your festive mains just got easier. Woolworths has covered all your bases with its range of easy, impressive roasts. Think gammon is overrated? Go for roast pork belly with crackling. Woolworths’ 100% South African pork belly is free from added nitrites. Intimidated by a hunk of beef? Try the new Easy beef roast with a bacon lattice – beef rump with apple-and-cranberry stuffing, wrapped in streaky bacon. And for your plant-based guests, serve Woolies’ PlantLove mushroom-and-soya Wellington – a showstopping roast that won’t make them feel like an afterthought.

Now that your impressive roasts are in the oven, it’s time to work on the sides. Keep things simple with charred leeks, roast grapes, poached pears, roast butternut, potato salad and blanched Tenderstem broccoli.

1. Poached pears, roast grapes and charred leeks

Roast pork belly and bacon are best paired with something sweet to complement that saltiness. Instead of roast onions, charred leeks lend a smoky flavour to your roast.

Get the recipe for poached pears, roasted grapes and charred leeks here.

2. Tenderstem broccoli and hazelnuts and burnt butter

While your oven is in use, take to the stovetop to make this easy side. It adds some much-needed greenery to your festive table – you cannot survive on roast pork and potatoes alone. Everything tastes 100% butter when smeared in butter, so toss the broccoli in burnt butter and garnish with hazelnuts to add crunch.

Get the recipe for Tenderstem broccoli, hazelnuts and burnt butter here. 

3. Roast potato salad

If no one ever reaches for the bowl of salad leaves, why not level up your usual green salad by adding roast potatoes and charred Brussels sprouts? This is a potato salad you can serve at almost any get-together and the reviews are always stellar!

Get the recipe for roast potato salad here.

4. Roast butternut and Cremezola

Butternut, sage and blue cheese are a match made in heaven. If you want to amp this side dish up even more, drizzle over a mix of chilli crisp and honey for a sweet-and-spicy kick.

Get the recipe for roast butternut and Cremezola here.

Photographs and video: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Recipes and productionBrita du Plessis
Food assistant: Josh van Zyl

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