4 excellent tips for dining and hosting outdoors, all year round

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4 excellent tips for dining and hosting outdoors, all year round

If you love cosying up on your patio with a good book and a cup of tea (or wine), love entertaining friends and family or simply love being outdoors without having to brave the elements then its time you invest some time and creativity in your patio. Making small changes to your patio can be the key to hosting the ultimate dinner party and creating a relaxing and calming space in your house.

1. Consider the elements

The South African climate is extreme – it has sweltering summers and very chilly winters. Avoid having to pack and unpack the patio when the elements are not in your favour by treating your patio as a part of your interior space and fully enclosing it. A fixed roof ensures that the patio space can be treated as an indoor room with all the protections and niceties that go along with it. Include a shade screen to protect the area against harsh sunlight throughout the day.

2. Furnish well

Patio decor favours furniture that is both durable and hardwearing. In many cases, this has meant forgoing aesthetics in favour of function. But with an enclosed patio, you don’t have to limit your options. It gives you endless possibilities for high-end, luxurious furniture and decor items that prioritise comfort and relaxation.

For the outdoor dining area, go for comfortable seating and a larger table to seat a small crowd. Patio lounge suites don’t have to be sun- and water-resistant when your patio is sufficiently protected from the elements, so you can splurge on comfy sofas and intricate side tables.

3. Don’t be afraid to add luxuries

Invest in air-conditioners and/or space heaters. It may seem like overkill, but on a hot day or a nippy night these will be what you need to enjoy the area. A built-in mosquito screen is another item to consider installing on your patio – it’s a brilliant way to relax outside without letting in any bugs.

Lighting is everything! Don’t be afraid to add pretty downlighters to your patio space, or a floor lamp or two, to really elevate the experience. Include personalised decor to add your own special touch, such as cushions, art, candles and plants. These luxuries come together to create a space that is comfortable and beautiful, no matter what the situation, so you can get full use of the space.

4. Make it versatile

If you still work from home, or your office has implemented hybrid working, having multi-functional spaces in your home is important. Patios can be one of the most versatile rooms in your home due to their potential for both indoor and outdoor living, as well as their connection to nature through views and sliding doors. However, you don’t have to limit your patio to being a second office; the options are endless. Transform it into a gym, a kids’ playroom or simply a relaxation retreat. The key to designing this space is to understand your routines well, and to have set priorities on how you want to use the space.

JKDA is an architecture firm that uses the principles of dynamic design to reflect the unique personalities and daily rituals of the people for whom it design houses. By focusing on spaces that cater to everyone in the home, it is able to create homes that act as retreats to protect their inhabitants from the outside world.

Learn more about JK Design Architects here.

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