4 glorious avocado recipes we can’t get enough of

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4 glorious avocado recipes we can’t get enough of

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: avo season! Discover more delicious ways to enjoy this glorious fruit, from jazzed-up avo toast to a moist loaf that no one will believe was made with avos. Yes, we’re serving this creamy fruit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert!   

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Love avos as much as we do? Then you’re probably always looking for new and interesting ways to enjoy them. They’re creamy, delicious and super versatile: they can be served raw, grilled, mashed, fried and can even be used in cakes.

This shortlist is a great place to start. It offers a range of recipes, from avo toast and a gorgeously green salad, to new recipes like a tamago kake gohan-inspired rice bowl and an avo-and-lime loaf. Here’s how you should serve avocados this winter:

Hass avocado with poached egg

If you usually start your day with avocado toast, this is the recipe for you. Serve sliced Hass avocado on toast with a smear of ricotta, basil pesto or butter. Top with a poached egg and freshly ground black pepper and chives. Yes, please!

Fried halloumi and avo winter salad

If you’re not a fan of leafy salads, this may just be your new fave. Avocado cubes are placed on blanched Tenderstem broccoli and topped with salty, fried halloumi. You can make a small portion for a quick work lunch or arrange on a platter at your next braai.

Find the recipe for fried halloumi and avo winter salad here.

Creamy avo and trout bowls

This easy rice bowl can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner! The piping hot rice cooks the egg (just crack it straight into your bowl) and creates a creamy, risotto-like texture. Top with avo, veg and fish. Lunch (or supper) sorted.


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Find the recipe for creamy avo and trout bowls here.

Avocado-and-lime loaf

Move over banana bread! This quick recipe uses overripe avocados as a key ingredient. No more crying over browned avos! While the avocado doesn’t provide much flavour to this bake, its fattiness keeps it moist. And lime adds a zesty kick! Craving something sweet? This will hit the spot!

Find the recipe for avocado-and-lime loaf here.

You can spot ripe-and-ready Hass avocados by their thick, dark, pebbled skin and creamy flesh. They’re deliciously nutty and available for most of the year – but are at their very best during winter. Can’t find Hass avocados on shelves? Try greenskin avocados instead. They’re easy to peel and have a mild flavour and pale yellow flesh that slices well. They’re ideal for salads, grilling and adding to salsa.

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