4 Pork dishes that aren’t sausages

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4 Pork dishes that aren't sausages

Not only is pork light on the waistline, it’s light on the pocket, too. Pork has lots going for it: it’s lean, it’s affordable, it’s versatile and it’s available in a fantastic number of incarnations.

You already love your bacon and chipolatas, but here are four other pork recipes you have to try.


Warm smoked pork salad recipe

Pork fillet is mild in flavour, so easily takes on the flavours of spices, herbs and sauces. The easiest way to cook it is to marinate the fillet, sear it briefly in a pan, then bake it in the oven.

Try: Warm smoked pork salad.


Crumbed pork loin chops with kimchi recipe

These are thick, boneless chops. Marinate them for maximum flavour and juiciness, then pan-fry over medium heat before seasoning to taste.

Try: Crumbed pork loin chops with kimchi.


Peppers stuffed with Italian-style pork mince recipe
Try adding some pork mince to your burgers or Bolognese for a richer flavour. Pork mince is also delicious in everything from rissoles to san choy bao (Chinese lettuce wraps).

Try: Peppers stuffed with Italian-style pork mince.


Thick-cut rib-eye with mushroom recipe
Bring them to room temperature and season to taste. Heat a griddle pan, add a knob of butter to the hot pan and cook the chops, turning them once a golden crust has formed (four to five minutes a side).

Try: Thick-cut rib-eye with mushroom and green peppercorn sauce

Discover more perfect pork dishes here.

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