4 Reasons (recipes) to fall in love with pork

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4 Reasons (recipes) to fall in love with pork

Not only is pork light on the waistline, it’s light on the pocket, too. And if you have pork mince, rib-eye or fillet in your fridge, you’re all set to make Phillippa Cheifitz’s best ever pork recipes (you’ll want to pig out on these moreish cider-glazed ribs!)

The bun

Cuban pulled-pork buns with pickled radishes recipe

It’s no hassle at all to make these mouthwatering buns when you use ready-cooked pulled pork. Woolies’ succulent Easy to Cook pork shoulder is slow-cooked until tender, shredded and finished with a sticky-sweet BBQ sauce.

“Pulled pork is an American classic – pork shoulder cooked slowly, then shredded and layered on a soft bun with sauce, pickles and slaw” – Phillippa Cheifitz

View the Cuban pulled bork bun recipe here.

The ribs

Cider-glazed spareribs with apple slaw recipe

A finger-licking favourite accompanied by a tangy buttermilk-dressed apple slaw. Keep those napkins on hand (and face) for this one.

View the cider-glazed sparerib recipe here.

The warm salad

Warm smoked pork salad recipe

A quick, low-effort recipe with all the visual appeal of a more arduous dish. From zero to impressed dinner guests in under 30 minutes.

View smoked pork salad recipe here.

The Asian salad

Pork larb with cos spears recipe

This Asian dish, originating in Laos, is really a salad using flavoured minced meat, chicken or fish, cooked or sometimes barely cooked, or even raw. Traditionally, raw rice is fried and ground for crunchiness but peanuts make a good substitute.

View the pork larb recipe here.

The curry

Burmese red curry recipe

This is a typically Burmese sweet-and-sour curry without coconut milk. The recipe may vary between households but this delicious version comes from Nancie McDermott’s excellent The Curry Book (have a look at her blog).

View the Burmese red curry recipe here.

Discover more pork recipes here.

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