4 ways almonds can take your dishes to the next level

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4 ways almonds can take your dishes to the next level

We all know almonds make for a tasty snack, but there are far more interesting uses for this humble nut. From adding texture to dishes to making carb-conscious coatings, here are four reasons why you should be adding more almonds to your cooking.


1. Texture

One of the best ways to create an interesting meal is to play with textures. For dishes like salads, stir-fries and soups, adding whole, chopped or flaked almonds will add a satisfying crunch. This roast sweet potato salad is a perfect example of using almonds to add some welcome texture.

Find the recipe for roast sweet potato salad here.

2. Filling meals

Adding nuts to a recipe contributes to a feeling of fullness – and keeps the hunger pangs at bay for longer. This comes in handy for breakfasts. Adding nuts to muesli and smoothies makes for a satisfying breakfast that will keep you going for longer. They add substance to light salads you may be having for lunch.

Almond-and-banana smoothie with seeds recipe

Find the recipe for the almond-and-banana smoothie here.

3. Carb-conscious crumbs

You don’t have to sacrifice dishes like schnitzels, crumbed mushrooms and crumbed fish if you’re following a carb-conscious lifestyle. Simply swap the breadcrumbs for almond flour or crushed almonds for a guilt-free option.


Find the recipe for almond-and-Parmesan-crusted sole here.

4. Gluten-free treats

It’s no secret that almond using almond flour or ground almonds rather than cake flour makes gluten-free bakes. And with treats like these almond-and-coconut brownies, we’re very happy to use up those almonds!

Find the recipe for gluten-free almond-and-coconut brownies here.

Want to try more interesting almond recipes? Try this sensational gluten-free chocolate cake with almond-and-date frosting.

Find the full recipe for gluten-free chocolate cake with almond-and-date frosting here. 

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