4 ways with Woolies’ edamame beans

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4 ways with Woolies' edamame beans

Locally-produced edamame beans are now available at Woolies. To celebrate, we’re diving into these four fantastic ways with these lovely legumes.

Abi’s squeaky Greek salad

Abi’s squeaky Greek salad View the recipe here.

View recipe here.

Poached egg with broccoli and burnt butter


View the recipe here

Tuna tartare, edamame bean and wakame salad with tofu and toasted garlic dressing


View the tuna tartare, edamame bean and wakame salad with tofu and toasted garlic dressing recipe here

Salmon and tuna tartare with edamame beans


View the recipe here.

Did you know? You can now buy frozen edamame benas from Woolies, which are supplied exclusively by a community development and job empowerment project in KwaZulu-Natal.

Edamame beans are young soya beans in their pods, commonly eaten in Japan, China and Korea. And we’re growing them in SA! The Newlands Mashu Community Development Centre has been working with emerging farmers, in partnership with commercial growers and academic research instiutations, to make these legumes (which contain high-quality protein), available locally. Approximately 500 jobs have been created by the project and100 small growers have been trained, mentored and supported. Snack on them, or add to soups, salads and noddles and rice dishes. Visit www.edamame.co.za for more.

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