5 brunch ideas for Easter weekend

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5 brunch ideas for Easter weekend

Easter is by far the laziest weekend of the year, with not much else to do than relax and do some cooking. And there’s nothing quite as luxurious as a brunch, whether you’re having people over or not. Here are our favourite Easter brunch ideas.

Croque madame gratin with Parmesan corn

While a Croque madame isn’t very difficult, it does a little time to make, meaning it’s the ideal slow brunch recipe. Swap the bacon for smoked salmon if you prefer.
Get the recipe for Croque madam gratin with Parmesan corn here.

Cornflake French toast

There’s something wholesomely nostalgic about French toast, so what better time to make this cornflake version than over the most indulgent weekend of the year?
Get the recipe for cornflake French toast here.

Chakalaka eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is undoubtedly the king of all brunch foods, and we’re particularly fond of this local version.
Chakalaka-eggs-BenedictGet the recipe for chakalaka eggs Benedict here.

Gluten-free turmeric fritters

Whether you’re gluten-free or not, these fritters are guaranteed winners. They’re also packed with veggies so you don’t have to feel too bad about all the chocolate you’re going to eat after them.
gluten-free-tumeric-frittersGet the recipe for gluten-free turmeric fritters here.

Date-and-honey spiced butter

While there’s not much that could improve a hot cross bun, this spiced butter makes a good go at it. This is perfect for making that pile of buns feel a little extra special.
Get the recipe for date-and-honey spiced butter here.

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