5 of the cheesiest recipes on TASTE

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5 of the cheesiest recipes on TASTE

We could wax lyrical about all things cheese, but we’ll just let these recipes speak for themselves.



This two-cheese dip is particularly easy to whip up. It only takes 10 minutes to prep and 10 minutes to bake – perfect for surprise visitors! Dip slices of fresh baguette into the melted, bubbling dip.

Get the melted cheese dip recipe here.

Looking for something a little spicy? Try the Mexican cheese dip with roast chilli and chorizo recipe here.



This is not your average cheese toastie! Take thick slices of farmstyle bread and layer with grated cheese, gypsy ham and more cheese. Pop into the oven and, once the cheese starts bubbling, top with a generous spoonful of warm béchamel sauce. Oh hello, tingling taste buds!

Get the griddled croque monsieur recipe here.


There’s no reasons to fear the soufflé! With two sharp cheeses, mustard and nutmeg, this fluffy dish is a savoury sensation. Follow this easy 45-minute recipe and you’ll master the art of the twice-baked soufflé.

Get the twice-baked cheese soufflé recipe here.


It’s the savoury bake that’s a weeknight staple in many homes – but with a twist! This mac ‘n’ cheese update uses cannelloni instead of macaroni, which, when placed upright, forms the perfect conduit for catching all the sauce. Smother in grated cheese, of course. Decadent, much?

Get Abigail’s famous mac ‘n’ cheese recipe here.


These tiny cheesecake soufflés may take a little time to make, but with only three ingredients, they’re well worth the effort!

Get the three-ingredient Japanese soufflé cheesecakes recipe here.

Discover more cheesy recipes here.


Dinner is ready in a flash with Woolworths’ range of grated cheese products, which are now available in convenient resealable packs to ensure lasting freshness.

Serving suggestions:
– Top nachos with Woolworths’ chunky salsa, jalapeños and grated mature Cheddar, then grill until hot. Serve with fresh coriander and avocado.
– Top a pizza base with grated mozzarella and Cheddar, sliced figs and prosciutto and bake until melted.
– Serve sliced Emmental with pastrami on buttered rye, topped with microherbs and sliced onions.
– Fry a Woolworths burger patty and top with a slice of Monterey Jack with peri-peri. Serve on a bun with mayo and pickles.
– Season a sirloin steak and grill to your liking. Top with slices of Red Leicester with black pepper while still hot.

Discover more at woolworths.co.za

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