5 classic soups to master before winter arrives

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5 classic soups to master before winter arrives

Soup is the filling, affordable midweek dinner that keeps us going all winter. Here are five of our best soup recipes to help you up your soup game. From tomato soup to basic cauliflower, butternut to bone marrow, these are the recipes to try next.

1. A basic cauliflower soup

There’s no denying the simple comforts of a well-made cauliflower soup and this version from Karen Dudley ticks all the boxes. If you’re feeling a little indulgent, serve it with a generous grating of Parmesan or good cheddar over the top.
Basic-cauliflower-soupGet the recipe for basic cauliflower soup here.

2. The ultimate chicken soup

While there’s nothing wrong with a clear chicken soup, the addition of pasta rice and chicken meatballs in this recipe moves this into an entirely more hearty category.
chicken meatball broth with rissoniGet the recipe for chicken meatball broth with rissoni here.

3. Tomato soup

This recipe comes with potato bread and roasted raclette, for good measure. We won’t judge you for not making your own potato bread, but don’t let that put you off this recipe. This tomato soup is the exact warming dinner we all crave when the temperature drops, but it’s also actually pretty hands-off as it mostly cooks in the oven.
Get the recipe for tomato soup, potato bread and roasted raclette here.

4. Bone marrow soup (and dombolo!)

This rib-sticking bone marrow soup might seem like a labour of love, but it’s wonderfully affordable for such a hearty meal and only takes about 45 minutes to cook. And, while it’s cooking, you can use the time to throw together some dombolo – they’re easier than they look and are well worth the extra effort.
bone marrow soup with mini domboloGet the recipe for bone marrow soup with mini dombolo here.

5. Butternut soup

Whether you’re making your own butternut soup from scratch, or using a perfectly-acceptable shop-bought variety, these garnishes will take it to a whole new level. We’re talking chorizo, chickpeas and feta, too!

Get the recipe for butternut soup with chorizo, chickpea and feta topping here.

Hungry for more soups? Find our entire soup recipe collection here.

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