5 clever ways with ClemenGold®️ juice

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5 clever ways with ClemenGold®️ juice

Get it while it’s in season! 100% ClemenGold®️ mandarin juice to enjoy as is or as a nifty substitute in recipes that call for juiced citrus. We tried it in a brine for a delicious, tender chicken roast, a zesty Malva pudding and more!


And you thought ClemenGold juice was just for drinking…

It is – and we’ve got a few great ideas to improve your drinking experience (both hot and cold), below – but it can be used in so many other ways as well. For instance, as a convenient substitute when recipes call for juiced citrus. Try it in the semifreddo or Malva pudding further down. You can also use it as a nifty meat tenderiser so remember to include it in your next marinade for tender and succulent results.

1. ClemenGold®️, peach and raspberry juice

This yummy recipe makes enough for two people and takes only 5 minutes to prepare. Pulp washed raspberries – about ¾ cup – that will go into the juice. Split the raspberry pulp into two glasses and keep it on the side.

Blend five peaches (washed and sliced) with either 10 peeled ClemenGold®️ mandarins (and about a ¼ cup of water to help the blender along) or 2 cups ClemenGold® Juice. You can pour this through a sieve for a thin consistency or leave it as pulpy as you like.

Add the juice to the glasses with the raspberry pulp, add a few ice cubes, a few whole raspberries and a twist of ClemenGold® mandarin peel and enjoy.


2. Sticky ClemenGold®️-glazed roast chicken with pumpkin wedges

Placing a whole chicken in a citrus brine adds flavour and tenderness to the meat. Add ClemenGold®️ mandarin and lemon skins, leave overnight in the fridge, and you’ll have the juiciest, tastiest roast chicken you’ve ever eaten.

Find the Sticky ClemenGold-glazed roast chicken recipe, here.

3. Fresh ginger, mint and citrus tea

This tea can be served hot or chilled, it takes five minutes to prep and makes two cups.

Bring 1½ cups of water to the boil and steep two Rooibos tea bags until desired strength. Add ½ cup ClemenGold® Juice (warmed) and stir. Decant into teacups and add some fresh ginger that’s been peeled, crushed and thinly sliced, lime quarters and a handful of mint. Allow to stew for a few seconds, add honey if desired and serve immediately.

4. Crêpes Suzette

Crêpes Suzette is traditionally made with oranges, but this version calls for ClemenGold® and we’re here for it. Get these on the table even faster by using ready-to-go juice!
Crepes suzetteGet the recipe for Crêpes Suzette here.

5. ClemenGold®️ Malva pudding with Irish coffee sauce

Seasonal ClemenGold®️ mandarins add just the right amount of zing to this addictive pudding. Not only can you save time by using the ClemenGold®️ Juice instead of juicing mandarins, but you can also cut down on elbow grease with Woolies Malva Pudding Mix.

Find the ClemenGold Malva pudding recipe, here.


Buy ClemenGold Juice, now, at Woolworths.co.za.

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