5 current trends that will spruce up your kitchen

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5 current trends that will spruce up your kitchen

Does your kitchen need an upgrade? Woolworths has an impressive homeware range that brighten up your kitchen without you having to compromise on style. See what’s trending and how you can incorporate these styles into your kitchen.

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1. Turn your storage into decor

When decorating your kitchen shelves, don’t limit yourself to dishes, glassware and cookware. The rise of ASMR and satisfying kitchen organisation videos online has seen an increase in chic storage options. These glass cylindrical storage jars with timber lids won’t look out of place on display.

2. Line the walls with art

Art may not be the first thing you consider when decorating your kitchen, but it should be. You don’t have to be a millionaire to afford artwork, simply shop eye-catching prints at Woolworths. You can browse through a selection of photographs and artwork created by local artists – the best thing is that they’re already framed and ready to be hung in your kitchen.

3. Mix and match styles

Contrary to your social media feed, you don’t have to stick to one aesthetic. If you love cottage core and 1920s Art Deco, do both! By mixing traditional, playful and modern decor – like the marble trays and pestle and mortar with the Palm Springs-inspired artwork and matte champagne appliances – you can dress up your shelves to reflect your style.

4. Pick a colour palette

If you’re going to mix and match styles, consider sticking to a colour palette. We’ve gone for whites, greens, grey marble and browns. This keeps the kitchen from looking cluttered – you want to maximise your space and use it to its full potential. The co-ordinated palette will make your kitchen look more put together, while also displaying your attention to detail.

5. Plant life

Plants can instantly bring life to any space. If you’re still unsure about your style or how you want your kitchen to look, start with a few plants. Woolworths offers live and artificial plants in beautiful ceramic pots. Line the shelves with hanging plants and keep fresh herbs at your window to get some sun and be within reach when you’re cooking up a storm!

Style meets practicality with Woolworths homeware. From quality cookware and appliances to locally commissioned artwork and homegrown plants, there’s something for all tastes. 

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