5 desserts to satisfy that coffee craving

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5 desserts to satisfy that coffee craving

Love is in the air and it smells like coffee! We’ve rustled up five inspiring desserts so that you can enjoy your coffee fix all year round.

1. The summer cooler

Looking for a cold dessert on those scorching summer days? This coffee-and-vanilla parfait will do the trick!

Find the recipe for coffee-and-vanilla layered frozen parfait with roast plums  here.

2. The teatime treat

A playful reinvention of tiramisu, this cake represents everything a coffee lover wants.

Find the recipe for this tiramisu cake with sticky coffee syrup here.

3. The decadent dessert

This delightfully bubbly coffee mousse takes just 30 minutes to prepare. For special occasions, it can be dolled up with a hazelnut crunchie dust and an optional splash of liqueur.

Find the recipe for this coffee mousse with hazelnut crunchie dust here.

4. The winter warmer

This self-saucing coffee pudding is elevated with Amarula and is best eaten straight out of the oven. There’s no need to wait to serve!

Get the recipe for Amarula-and-coffee pudding here.

5. The sweet snack

Nothing beats the combination of flaky pastry and creamy custard. Add coffee to that equation and we have a winner!

Find the recipe for coffee pasteis de nata here.

Kirsty Buchanan Article by: Kirsty Buchanan

Kirsty Buchanan is a self-taught baker who started her food journey in high school by selling Christmas mince pies. After completing her BSc Hons in Molecular and Cell Biology last year, she pursued her passion for baking and is currently gaining hands-on experience in the culinary industry. In her free time, she practises food photography; check her out on Instagram as @ginger_shortbread

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