5 dishes that remind us why we love butter

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5 dishes that remind us why we love butter

Let’s be honest, a lick of butter makes everything taste better, especially when it comes to savoury dishes. To illustrate this opinion, we’ve rounded up five fantastic recipes that remind us why we really, really love butter.


Butter is one of the greatest ways to finish a dish and add that more-ish flavour. Simply put, butter makes everything better! To illustrate, we’ve rounded up five recipes that would simply not be the same without butter, be it plain or flavoured (like garlic). Enjoy!

Asparagus spears dressed in salty butter with soft-boiled eggs

Here’s a fact about asparagus: this tender green shoot loves fatty foods like cheese, eggs, bacon and – yes – butter! This recipe is perfect for a spring breakfast, brunch or lunch. And the butter adds the perfect finishing touch.

Find the recipe here.

Buttered gnocchi with spring greens

Another wonderful option for a spring lunch, this gnocchi dish is a riot of delicious tastes and textures, all pulled together by a nice big dollop of butter in the pan.

Read more here.

Garlic-and-caper butter pan-fried hake

Looking for a quick dinner? This buttery pan-fried hake supper can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. And to save even more time (if you’re not in the mood to be slicing 3 cloves of garlic), use Woolworths garlic-flavoured butter instead.

Get the recipe here.

Steak with chargrilled spring onion butter

If you’ve not yet enjoyed the singular delight of a dollop of butter steadily melting all over your steak – boy are you in for a treat.

Get the recipe here.

Banana bread-and-butter pudding with salted caramel sauce

And finally, let’s not forget something for the sweet tooth! We could opt for a normal bread-and-butter pudding but we are totally crushing on this banana bread version …

Get the recipe here.

Woolworths’ quality butter is the result of four pillars: the finest milk, the best cream, no preservatives, and the best packaging for the finest taste and texture. Visit woolworths.co.za for more.

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