5 dishes that use frozen peas in unexpected ways

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5 dishes that use frozen peas in unexpected ways

Frozen peas are more versatile than you think. Here are interesting dishes that use this freezer staple in innovative ways.

Rich warming pea-and-ham soup. Sneaky peas in cottage pie or spaghetti Bolognese. Specks of peas in that hearty home-made chicken pie. There are many dishes that make use of frozen peas, and while we love these traditional uses, there is so much more you can do with this humble freezer staple.

Whether you’re feeling a little creative or want to try something new with the bag of peas that has been lying in your freezer, here are five recipes that take frozen peas to new heights.

1. Ciabatta toast with peas and avo

ciabatta toast with peas and avo

Avo toast gets a scrumptious update with this recipe. Rather than just slathering avocado on toast for breakfast, why not add ricotta cheese and smashed peas into the mix? This makes for a richer, tastier toast topper that does not take too much time to make.

Get the recipe for ciabatta toast with peas and avo here.

2. Pan-grilled fish with pea-and-mint purée

Make your fish supper more interesting with this recipe. Swap out chips or mash for a pea-and-mint purée. It’s filled with flavour and works well with the lightly seasoned fish.

Get the recipe for pan-grilled fish with pea-and-mint purée here.

3. Goat’s cheese-and-pea fritters with beetroot

This is not your average fritter. It combines the sharpness of goat’s cheese, the sweetness of peas and a good mix of spices to make a delectable fritter. It’s a great addition to any tapas table, or you could simply enjoy it as a light meal.

Find the recipe for goat’s cheese-and-pea fritters with beetroot here. 

4. Butter bean-and-pea burgers with smashed avocado

One of the best things about vegan burgers is the numerous patty options there are. One interesting combination to try is this butter bean-and-pea burger. It’s quick and easy to make, and will add some variety to burger night.

 Get the recipe for butter bean-and-pea burgers with smashed avocado here.

5. Pea “falafel” with all the toppings

Pea "falafel" with all the toppings recipe

While it may not be a traditional falafel, this Middle Eastern falafel-inspired bake makes peas the star of the dish. It corporates refreshing mint and some chilli for a bit of a bite and can be enjoyed meze style with pickled turnips, onions, yoghurt and warm pita bread.

Get the recipe for pea “falafel” with all the toppings here.


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