5 easy fish recipes that belong on your weekly menu

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5 easy fish recipes that belong on your weekly menu

Whether you’re pescatarian, eating more fish right now because of lent, or just need some new fish recipes, we’ve got 5 excellent ideas – from baked fish and roast fish, to fish soup and fishcakes.

1. Chilli butter-roasted kingklip with mash

Kingklip is a wonderfully meaty fish that holds itself up well against bold flavours, such as this chilli butter. Add some sautéed broccoli here if you feel you need some greens. Leave out the Parmesan – or find an animal rennet-free version – if you’re a strict pescatarian.
Get the recipe for chilli butter roasted kingklip with mash here.

2. Creamed-spinach baked hake

Courtesy of the freezer aisle, this recipe calls for about 5 minutes of hands-on time and delivers maximum comfort levels.
Creamed-spinach-baked-hakeGet the recipe for creamed-spinach baked hake here.

3. Crispy fish tacos

Who says fish tacos are only reserved for nights out? With the clever use of battered fish, you’ll have crunchy tacos on the table in no time at all.crispy fish tacosGet the recipe for crispy fish tacos here.

4. Braaied fish cakes

If the idea of braaing a whole fish scares you, why not start off small with these fish cakes? Of course you could just pan fry them, but finishing them on the braai adds a fantastic smoky element.
Braaied-fish-cakesGet the recipe for braaied fish cakes here.

5. Smoked haddock chowder

With the weather starting to turn towards autumn in some parts of the country, this cozy (and easy) chowder is going to be top of our cooking lists.
smoked haddock chowderGet the recipe for smoked haddock chowder here.

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