5 easy upgrades for your next fish dish

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5 easy upgrades for your next fish dish

We’re not knocking the pan-fried fish with an obligatory side salad, but we are suggesting that you rethink the way you use this freezer staple. Whether it’s floured, crumbed or simply seasoned, fish is the easy weeknight staple that works wonders in soups, curries, burgers and more.

It’s one of the best sources of protein and omega-3 on the planet, but the fact is, our oceans are under threat. Ensure that you’re buying WWF SASSI green-listed sustainable fish, including hake, pole-caught tuna and Cape salmon. Follow the 10 (new) rules of choosing fish – and how to prepare it -here.

The number one rule cooking fish? Don’t overcook it, otherwise you’ll end up with a rubbery, tasteless meal. Stick to the correct recipe timings to ensure that you end up with a perfectly cooked fish dish. Discover how to pan-fry fish perfectly every time with these tips.

Not sure if your fish is fresh? Look out for these four telltale signs to choosing the freshest fish.


This is a comforting soup with a blend of simple flavours, including olive oil, lemon, garlic and earthy fennel. It’s best served topped with homemade croutons, and works well with any sustainable white fish.

Get the fish soup with croutons, cheese and garlic mayo recipe here.


This easy recipe is perfect for weeknight cooking when time is limited: it takes only 25 minutes to prep and cook, and uses only 5-ingredients.

Get the Asian coconut curry recipe here.


The garlicky lime mayo and fresh grapefruit segments paired with the lightly fried squares of hake are a match made in heaven, plus it’s the perfect meal for spring.

Get the fish tacos with one-minute lime mayonnaise and pink grapefruit recipe here.


Mix things up at your next burger night and replace the traditional beef patty with a flavourful fish cake instead. The easy Asian-inspired mayo adds an extra dose of fresh flavour.

Get the Asian-style fish burgers recipe here.


This is not your average floured-and-fried hake strips. The addition of almond flour and grated Parmesan makes this a dish with a flavourful difference. Serve the fish tortillas with grated beetroot, avocado, lime juice and coriander, drizzled with smoked paprika oil.

Get the parmesan-and almond-crusted fish tortillas with smoked paprika oil recipe here.

Discover more seafood recipes here.

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