5 easy ways with lamb chops

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5 easy ways with lamb chops

Lamb chops might be best on the braai, but they’re not only good on the braai. We’ve picked 5 great recipes to inspire you to cook more lamb chops.

Sumac-braaied lamb chops with burnt brinjal dip

Sumac’s bright acidity works perfectly with lamb’s richness in this recipe. While this is best on the braai, you could use this marinade anytime you’re roasting lamb chops.
Sumac braaied lamb chops with burnt brinjal dip recipeGet the recipe for sumac-braaied lamb chops with burnt brinjal dip here.

Lamb chops with rosemary and lemon

Using the thinner rib chop, this recipe shows the importance of browning any fat before cooking the chop.
Lamb chopsGet the recipe for lamb chops with rosemary-and-lemon here.

Next-level lamb braai

Lamb will always play well with fresh, herby sauces so remember the formula for this chimichurri.
Get the recipe for next-level lamb braai here.

Spicy lamb chops with lemony greens

A non-braai recipe, this is a great way to cook lamb for a midweek dinner, with a large pile of greens.

Get the recipe for spicy lamb chops with lemony greens here.

Rosemary salt-baked lamb rack

The ultimate lamb chop, this simple recipe is an easy way to feed a crowd – while tricking them into thinking you’ve worked very hard.
Get the recipe for rosemary salt-baked lamb rack here.

Find more lamb recipes here.


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