5 food trends to watch in 2022

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5 food trends to watch in 2022

Comfort food classics with novel treatments, communal dining, more plant-based alternatives, and all of the sweet treats are on the horizon this year. Here are our top food trend predictions for 2022.

1. Nostalgic desserts

After the emotional rollercoaster of the last two years, our appetites for the retro desserts of our childhood are on the increase. We’re talking jelly and custard, malva pudding, ice-cream sundaes with extra sprinkles … anything sweet and satisfying that harks back to simpler times and brings out your inner kid, basically.

Find the recipe for jelly-and-custard moulds here. 

2. Yum yums

After the release of its raspberry jam-filled yum yums in 2019, British retailer Waitrose saw a whopping 317% increase in sales in these treats the following year. Also in 2020, competing supermarket M&S launched its Yumnut – a yum yum-doughnut hybrid that left everyone confused, because weren’t these two confections essentially the same thing? Allow us to clarify. The yum yum is a stretched and twisted, butter-enriched doughnut finished off with a sticky glaze. It can be filled or left plain. And we’re waiting with bated breath for it to catch on locally.

yum yums

Find the recipe for yum yums here. 

3. Sunflower seeds

Just when you thought the list of plant-protein alternatives had been exhausted, along comes the humble sunflower to remind everyone that it, too, would like a shot at glory. When toasted and ground into butter, sunflower seeds yield a silky mouthfeel and mild, earthy flavour; when soaked in water and blended, they produce “milk” that’s suitable for those with nut allergies and is easier on the pocket than many vegan counterparts. Commercially, the seeds are being utilised in everything from snack bars and crackers, to creamy cheeses and ice creams.

Sunflower seed dressing

Find the recipe for sunflower seed dressing here.

4. Umami

It’s not like umami ever went anywhere, but there seems to be an increased demand for the fifth taste’s satisfyingly moreish, deeply savoury flavour in our daily diets. Our current umami obsessions? That comforting old-school favourite, anchovy toast, courtesy of Woolies’ new anchovy spread (available in selected stores, from the seafood counter) with a grating of Parmesan for good measure and Marmite tossed through hot, buttered popcorn. You can thank us later.

Marmite popcorn

Find the recipe for Marmite popcorn here. 

5. Whipped lemonade

Move over dalgona coffee. With over 5.7 million views on TikTok, whipped lemonade is one of the drinks set to rule summer in 2022. Made by blitzing lemon juice, whipped cream, condensed milk and ice cubes in a blender until frothy, it’s a creamy, yet refreshingly tart, lemon milkshake with social media cred. And we’re not angry about it at all.

Other food trends moving up the charts

Floral flavours: Especially hibiscus, in everything from craft cocktails to barbeque marinades.

Apple cider vinegar: Still gaining in popularity for its fruity, full-bodied flavour and gut health-boosting properties.

Tempeh: This fermented soya-based meat alternative has a crumbly texture and nutty, earthy taste, perfect for those who find tofu too smooth and bland.

Firepit cooking: As if South Africans need a legitimate reason to braai, along comes a socially sanctioned trend.

Braaied watermelon: Everyone’s favourite summer fruit meets everyone’s favourite summer pastime.

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    Lois Carol Wessels
    February 26, 2022

    Can’t wait to try Woolies Anchovy spread! The demise of Pecks Anchovette and Redro left me feeling totally deprived