5 fresh and totally satisfying salads to make this week

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5 fresh and totally satisfying salads to make this week

If the term salad brings a tear to your eye, we’re here to tell you that you’ve been doing it wrong all along. We’ve selected five of our favourite salad recipes to prove that a well constructed salad can (and should!) be totally filling and satisfying.

Got the munchies…

Baked barley pilau with roast beetroot and feta recipeTenderstem broccoli, avocado and bacon dressed with warm anchovy butter recipeFresh coconut and baby marrow noodle salad

Move over, olive oil and balsamic, there’s more than one way to curb flavour fatigue. Try one of these 8 exciting salad dressing recipes here.

Add a little spice and a little crunch with our current ready-to-use favourites to spruce up your next salad. Discover a few of our favourite salad toppings from Woolies here.

Prefer something even more wholesome? Get an extra dose of greens with these 10 kale recipes that go beyond the average salad here.

Discover more health-conscious recipes here.

Melissa Scheepers Article by: Melissa Scheepers

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