5 genius ways to use those leftovers

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5 genius ways to use those leftovers

Don’t toss your leftovers or feed them to the dogs – here are five scrumptious meals using yesterday’s remnants you’ll love more than the main event.

While sometimes there is nothing better than snacking on leftovers straight out of the fridge, with just a few minutes of prep, you can have a meal ready that’s (almost) better than the original.

Christmas roast platter with verjuice-poached peaches

Can it get much better than combining beautifully flavoured duck, pork and chicken on one magnificent platter? The peaches are a delicious match with all three meats.

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Loaded potato skins

If by some chance there are any leftover potatoes, this recipe (hot or cold) is great to serve on a road-trip.

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Was duck the hero yesterday? This recipe using your duck leftovers is ready in 20 minutes. Just stock up on  Asian pancakes (which you’ll find at Asian supermarkets or specialty delis) and pomegranate rubies.

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The ultimate tripledecker gammon sandwich

Admittedly you might need to slice this impressive sandwich in half and share it.

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Sparkling wine jelly with summer fruit

Have any leftover berries or sparking wine? This dessert is perfect for a hot Boxing Day.
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