5 insanely good tiramisu recipes

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5 insanely good tiramisu recipes

Yes, you heard us. We’ll always love the classic version, but there’s more than one way to make tiramisu – including cocktail form.

Tiramisu pavlova

Spoiler alert, pavlovas don’t always need to be served with berries and this coffee-spiked version is proof.

tiramisu pavlovaGet the recipe for tiramisu pavlolva here.

White tiramisu

This version omits the coffee but makes up for it in the form of rum. Serve with extra shavings of white chocolate if you like.

white tiramisuGet the recipe for white tiramisu here.

Green-and-gold tiramisu ice-cream cake with sugar shards

We’re not saying that this recipe helped the Springboks win the 2019 Rugby World Cup, but we’re also not denying that it might have had something to do with it. Don’t let the colour get to you, it’s entirely optional.

Get the recipe for green-and-gold tiramisu ice cream cake here.

The tiramisu express

Everything you love about tiramisu, now in cocktail form. This is the thing to serve the non-dessert people in your life.

tiramisu-express-cocktailGet the recipe for the tiramisu express here.

Tiramisu-style semifreddo

There’s always something especially cool about semifreddo, especially one that draws on the winning flavour combinations of tiramisu.

Get the recipe for tiramisu-style semifreddo here.

Looking for a classic tiramisu recipe? Find Hannah’s ultimate tiramisu here.

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