5 key pairings to make your cheeseboard come alive

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5 key pairings to make your cheeseboard come alive

Wondering, “where do I start?” or “how do I choose?” Don’t worry – we have it all figured out for you. Stick to these simple rules, and you’ll have the perfect entertaining board every time!

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Ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and been blown away by a stunning image of a perfectly assembled cheese platter? This guide will give you the tips and tricks to make your own showstopping platter. Don’t be fooled, making your own is super easy.

Firstly, what is the difference between a cheeseboard and a charcuterie board? While the two have many similarities, the main difference is that a charcuterie board features a selection of meats, nuts and other trimmings that pair well with the selection of meats selected. Cheeseboards are a selection of cheeses, meat, and other items that pair well with the cheeses. Determining what you’re assembling will inform your shopping list. Here’s what you’ll need:

The 4 essential cheeses to have on the board

Mix and match

  • Soft cheese – Woolworths goat’s Chavroux and soft fresh mozzarella, such as Woolworths burratina or Woolworths buffalo mozzarella
  • Semi-soft cheese – Woolworths Gorgonzola or Woolworths Cremezola blue cheese
  • Semi-hard cheese – Woolworths manchego, Woolworths Boerenkaas with cumin or Woolworths Emmenthal
  • Hard cheese –Woolworths Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, and tubs of shavings

Choose your charcuterie

Only a few cuts are needed to balance the cheese rather than compete with it. We want them to complement each other. Try Woolworths prosciutto crudo, Woolworths speck and Woolworths Parma ham.

5 key pairings to make your cheeseboard come alive

  • Base or dipper: Crackers, breadsticks, seeded crackers
  • Briny: Olives, gherkins
  • Crunchy: Nuts
  • Sweet: Fresh fruit, dark sea salt chocolate
  • Spreads: Chutneys, green fig preserve, jams

Cheese and meat platters aren’t just for entertaining. Mix and match your favourites and make a cheeseboard for one that features crispy cheese and Serrano ham bites made in the air-fryer.

Get the recipe for Serrano and crispy cheese bites snack box here. 

Explore Woolworths’ selection of imported and local cold meats and award-winning cheeses. From everyday favourites like Cheddar and Gouda to cheese platter must-haves like Spanish manchego, jamón, prosciutto and creamy for di latte and burrata. 

Shop at Woolworths. 

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