5 lamb and mutton recipes to add to your festive menu

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5 lamb and mutton recipes to add to your festive menu

Let’s be honest, the festive season feels more special when there’s lamb or mutton on the table. And it doesn’t always have to be a roast (although we do love them!). Whether you’re having a sitdown lunch, braai or pot luck this festive season, here are 5 lamb and mutton recipes that will impress your guests.


1. Slow-roasted lamb shoulder

This slow-roasted lamb shoulder is perfect for special occasions. It is served with spiced pumpkin, wine-soaked cranberries and herbed couscous.

Slow roasted lamb shoulder

Find the recipe for slow-roasted lamb shoulder here.

2. Mutton tomato bredie

There’s no denying that a tomato bredie is peak comfort! This version is made with mutton and served with creamy polenta to make it extra comforting.

Mutton tomato bredie

Find the recipe for mutton tomato bredie here.

3. Braaied butterflied leg of lamb

Looking for a great Sunday lunch idea. This braaied leg of lamb is served with hummus, red pepper pesto drizzle & Za’atar pitas. Your guest can assemble them to their preference and enjoy.

Braaied butterflied leg of lamb

Find the recipe for braaied butterflied leg of lamb here.

4. Chunky lamb-and-mushroom ragu

This chunky lamb-and-mushroom ragu is slow-cooked for 2 to 2,5 hours to ensure the meat is tender and all the flavours are infused. Served it with tagliolini or tagliatelle.

Chunky lamb-and-mushroom ragu

Find the recipe for chunky lamb-and-mushroom ragu here.

5. Braaied mutton chops

Take your braaied chops to the next level by serving them with roasted brinjals, tomatoes and creamed chevin.

braaied mutton chops

Find the recipe for braaied mutton chops here.

Learn more about cooking with lamb on the Lamb and Mutton SA website: cookingwithlamb.com

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