5 lamb dishes to try for Heritage day

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5 lamb dishes to try for Heritage day

With Heritage day coming up, we’re celebrating local ingredients, and we’re really liking the idea of cooking with some delicious South African lamb. Here are five of our favourite recipes.


With Heritage day on the horizon, we like to celebrate local food, and what could be more apt than some delicious South African lamb, cooked for the occasion? This versatile meat lends itself to a variety of cuts and cooking techniques – and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes below.

Winey oregano-and-lemon lamb chops

Nothing beats a good old chop on the braai – but why not mix up the way you prep them for a change? This recipe’s marinade calls for a splash of white wine, and you won’t regret adding it.

Get the recipe here.

Lamb shanks with chakalaka

Lamb meets chakalaka? It would be hard to imagine a more local dish than this! It’s also perfect for those colder days of Spring, when you still need some comfort food.

lamb shanks with chakalaka recipe

Find the recipe here.

Lamb neck potjie

Another must-try – this lamb neck potjie by local food celebrity Siba Mtongana is the perfect choice for your next lazy Sunday lunch.

Find the recipe here.

Yoghurt-marinated lamb steaks with mint pesto

If you haven’t yet tried out lamb steak, well, are you in for a treat. This cut is bursting with flavour and succulence and lends itself extremely well to a quick sear-and-slice situation, like this recipe.

yoghurt marinated lamb steaks with mint pesto

Find the recipe here.

Paprika lamb kebabs with twice-cooked chips

And finally, no list of recommendations for what to do with lamb will be complete without a recipe for a proper lamb kebab (or sosatie), and this recipe charms with oodles of spice. Enjoy!

Get the recipe here.

For more ideas and tips on what to do with lamb, visit cookingwithlamb.com.

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