5 marinades every braai master should know how to make

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5 marinades every braai master should know how to make

The key to the perfect braai is all in the marinade. If you want tender chicken, fall-of-the bone chops and braaied veggies that rival any steak, then be sure to scroll down to see our top marinade recipes.

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From chops and steak to sticky wings and grilled mushrooms, marinades can take your meals from “meh” to “wow” in a few easy steps! Marinate your meat the night before for the best results and the most flavourful meat. If indigestion, heartburn or acid reflux has you dreading braai season, then reach for Rennie’s range of antacids – nothing should stand in the way of you enjoying your favourite meals this season!

1. BBQ

This sauce is ideal for basting, a marinade and as a dipping sauce. The secret ingredient is using Woolworths’ liquid smoke to get that smoky, braai flavour into your meat and veggies.

Get the home-made smoky BBQ marinade and basting sauce recipe here. 

2. Buttermilk

The simplest marinade that guarantees tender and flavourful meat, every time. If you don’t have any buttermilk in your fridge, use amasi. The fat and acid in the buttermilk act as a tenderiser and gives the meat a subtle tangy flavour.

BUTTERMILK-MARINATED LAMBGet the recipe for buttermilk-marinated lamb here. 

3. Peri-peri

Don’t be fooled by the 3 chillies, this peri-peri marinade packs a punch! We suggest doubling the recipe and keeping the rest in a jar to add to midweek roasts. It’s that good.

Chicken espetada with peri-peri recipeGet the recipe for chicken espetada with peri-peri here. 

4. Teriyaki

This Japanese sauce is both sweet and salty and packs a lot of umami. Use it to marinade veggies like mushrooms and brinjals for vegetarian guests.

Get the recipe for grilled teriyaki mushrooms here. 

5. Yoghurt

If you want tender chops, chicken and kebabs, this is the marinade to make. It’s inspired by the tandoori method of marinating chicken in a spiced yoghurt sauce and grilling until char marks appear.

yoghurt marinated lamb steaks with mint pestoGet the recipe for yoghurt-marinated lamb steaks with mint pesto here. 

Find more braai recipes here.  

Don’t let heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion get in the way of braai season. You can enjoy all your favourite local eats without worry thanks to Rennie’s range of antacid tablets. They’re developed to bring you quick, lasting relief from your symptoms so you can carry on with what really matters: feasting! 

Learn more about the Rennie range here. 

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