5 mince recipes that aren’t spag bol

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5 mince recipes that aren’t spag bol

Beef or chicken? Or pork or lamb or even turkey? Not only is mince is one of the most versatile ingredients, but it also comes in many varieties. We’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite mince recipes that showcase the versatility of this freezer staple.

1. Pork pad Thai


Pork is one the most popular meats in east Asia, and pork mince lends itself well to this recipe. This easy pork pad Thai is ready in just 30 minutes, making it a perfect midweek meal.

Find the recipe for pork pad Thai here.

2. Spiced lamb-and-potato pie

In the mood for something rich and hearty? A good shepherd’s pie will definitely hit the spot. While lamb mince is on the more expensive side, this recipe uses red lentils to bulk up the mince, making it a little easier on the pocket.

Spiced lamb-and-potato pie

Find the recipe for spiced lamb-and-potato pie here. 

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3. Turkey tacos

Mix things up on Mexican night by using turkey mince in your tacos. The mince is stir-fried with Woolworths Mexican-spiced tomatoes to make things easy, and you can add your favourite toppings to make the perfect taco.

Turkey tacos

Find the recipe for turkey tacos here. 

4. Cape Malay-style chicken sloppy joes

Thirty minutes is all that stands between you and these epic chicken sloppy joes.  The mince is made with coconut cream and mango atchar, and topped with pickled cucumber for an added flavour kick. Plus, this works for both lunch and dinner.


Find the recipe for Cape Malay-style chicken sloppy joes here. 

5. The OG lasagne

For our last recipe, we decided to go with a classic – lasagne. This is one of Abigail Donnelly’s favourite lasagne recipes. It uses both beef and pork mince and a few secret ingredients to make it extra special. We’re looking at you sundried tomatoes!


Find the recipe for The OG lasagne here. 


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