5 of our favourite avo recipes to try right now

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5 of our favourite avo recipes to try right now

We could not be happier about the fact that avos are now back in season – so here are 5 of our favourite ways to enjoy this ingredient right now.


The avocado is such a versatile ingredient – from salads to toast and of course a variety of Mexican dishes, there is no end to its uses. Here are a couple of our favourite avocado dishes at the moment.

Avo ritz

There is no cool like old school and the Avo ritz will never go out of fashion – try this modern version on for size.

Find the recipe here.

Avocado pesto pasta

The name of this recipe really says it all, don’t you agree? Avocado + pesto + pasta sounds like a match made in heaven.

Find the recipe here.

Avocado, chevin & pomegranate toast

Not all avo toasts are created equal – but this one is something quite special, and worth trying.

Find the recipe here.

Corn-and-coriander salad

This Mexican-inspired salad is loaded with creamy avocado and is simply begging to be added to your next braai. For a smoky twist, you can skip the frozen corn and braai your mielies instead …

Find the recipe here.

Baked avo eggie cups

There is the school of thought that believes avo should not be served warm – but wait until you taste these amazing avo & egg cups.

Find the recipe here.

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