5 of the best cakes according to you

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5 of the best cakes according to you

We asked our TASTE community to tell us what the ultimate cake is and they delivered! While there were variations in the suggestions given, there were clear favourites! We’ve narrowed down the answers to create the top 5 best cakes. Did yours make the list?

5. Citrus cake

Perhaps it’s because it’s citrus season, but there’s a lot of love for citrus cakes. Lemon poppy seed, blood orange and olive oil, lemon drizzle and chocolate-and-orange chocolate cake were some of the suggestions. We can’t choose a favourite. They all sound so good!

Lemon-and-yoghurt drizzle cake

Find the recipe for The Lazy Makoti’s lemon drizzle cake here.

4. Vanilla cake

Who says vanilla is boring? Given its versatility, it’s no wonder many of you love it. Some of your favourite ways to have it include smothering it in vanilla buttercream, adding caramel frosting, topping it with colourful sprinkles and going old school with apricot jam and coconut.

Vanilla cake with pistachio icing

Find the recipe for vanilla cake with pistachio icing here. 

3. Carrot cake

Some like it with lots of nuts, others prefer it on the spicier side, but no matter your preference, one universal truth remains: carrot cake must have cream cheese icing!

carrot cake

Find the recipe for carrot cake here. 

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2. Cheesecake

Baked, no-bake, NY style, blueberry, caramel even Japanese – there’s no denying it. You really love cheesecake!

no bake blueberry cheesecake

Find the recipe for no-bake cheesecake with blueberry coulis here. 

1. Chocolate cake

Are you even surprised? Of course, chocolate cake is the most popular choice! Whether it’s moist, covered in chocolate ganache, caramel or buttercream, we can all agree that chocolate cake will always be the best cake!

Moist Chocolate cake

Find the recipe for moist chocolate cake with coconut ganache and white chocolate cream-cheese filling here. 

Need more chocolate cake in your life?

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