5 of the most beautiful salads

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5 of the most beautiful salads

Salads don’t have to be boring. In fact they can be quite beautiful. When you have the right mix of ingredients, the colour and texture can make some magical salads that don’t compromise on flavour. We’ve rounded up 5 of our most swoon-worthy salads to make for dinner parties, special occasion or when you want something aesthetic and delicious.

1. Rainbow chopped salad

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? They’re the epitome of beauty. And you can have one on your table thanks to Khanya Mzongwana’s rainbow chopped salad. In addition to all the fresh colourful ingredients, the salad also includes Woolies’ rotisserie chicken. It’s a no-cook dish that’s perfect as a summer loadshedding meal.

Find the recipe for rainbow chopped salad here.

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2. Orange-and-miso pork fillet

This salad by Hannah Lewry is all about the prep work. Peeled, sliced citrus combined with julienned green veggies creates a nice contrast in colour and shape on the plate. Plus, the marinated pork and peanut dressing is bursting with flavour and makes the fresh ingredients look even brighter.

Orange-and-miso pork fillet

Find the recipe for orange-and-miso pork fillet here.

3. Tenderstem broccoli and steak salad with satay dressing

This salad makes a case for how simple can be impactful. The salad has just 4 colourful ingredients and the flavour comes from the satay dressing, which is super simple to make.

Find the recipe for Tenderstem broccoli and steak salad with satay dressing here. 

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4. Beetroot, red bean and tuna salad

If monochrome is your thing, then Khanya’s beetroot, red bean and tuna salad is sure to make you smile. Plus, it features two textures: the crunch of raw beetroot and the tenderness of boiled baby beetroot.


Find the recipe for beetroot, red bean and tuna salad here

5. Melon ball salad

Melon is one of the best summer ingredients and this stunning salad by Abigail Donnelly is a great way to enjoy it. If you don’t have a melon baller, you can use an ice cream scoop to make giant balls.

Find the recipe for melon ball salad here. 

Want more salad recipes? Check out our salad recipe guide. 

Bonus: Charred blood orange-and-mozzarella salad

We’ve hit the end of the blood orange season, but we couldn’t resist including this beauty. Save the recipe for late winter 2024, when they should hit our shelves again, or try it with ordinary oranges! The buffalo mozzarella and shaved fennel bulb help make the colour of the oranges pop.

Charred blood orange and mozzarella salad

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