5 quick-and-easy breakfasts you can make ahead

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5 quick-and-easy breakfasts you can make ahead

Skipping breakfast because of loadshedding? These 5 delicious recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less and can be made the night before or just before the lights go out in the morning – no more skipping the most important meal of the day!

1. Beans on toast

We bet you have a can of baked beans in the back of your pantry. Spruce it up with chillies, garlic and herbs for a smoky and spicy brekkie that’s ready in 15 minutes, tops!

Spicy baked beansGet the recipe for spicy baked beans here. 

2. Smoothie

This is the quickest breakfast for anyone on the go. This green smoothie is loaded with kiwi, spinach and lime. Banana, avocado and yoghurt add creaminess to this vibrantly coloured drink.

Get the recipe for the get-up-and-go green smoothie here. 

3. Chia seed pudding

If you’re craving something sweet for breakfast, you probably don’t have time to flip pancakes or make French toast. This chia seed pudding will hit the spot! It features the easiest caramel ever made (no cooking involved so you don’t have to worry about burnt sugar) and is ready to serve in 10 minutes.

Salted caramel chia seed puddingGet the recipe for salted caramel chia seed pudding here. 

4. Overnight oats

This is the ultimate get up-and-go breakfast. You can prepare it the night before and let the oats soak up the milk. Top with your favourite nut butter, honey, fruit and nuts before serving.

Get the recipe for Swiss Bircher muesli with caramel bananas here. 

5. Scrambled “eggs”

We bet this is the quickest scramble you’ll ever make. Season crumbled tofu with turmeric, paprika, cumin and garlic and fry in coconut oil for two minutes. If you don’t have time to spare, serve on a slice of toast. On days when you can sit down for breakfast, serve on a warm tortilla with avo to make a breakfast burrito.

Get the recipe for tofu scrambled “egg” here. 

Find more loadshedding recipes here. 

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