5 easy rainy day bakes to make with the kids this winter

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5 easy rainy day bakes to make with the kids this winter

Entertaining children during the cold winter months is no mean feat, so we’ve rounded up some easy baking recipes to keep them busy. These recipes range from sweet to savoury and don’t require a lot of ingredients, time or effort. If you’re all out of rainy day activities, getting the kids to help you bake will keep them busy and entertained and they get a sweet treat in the end.

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Cold, wet days are a kid’s (and parent’s) worst nightmare. Turn dull, grey and cold days around with fun activities. They may not be outside splashing around the pool, but getting dirty in the kitchen can be just as fun!

1. Raspberry jam-filled vanilla star biscuits

Baking with the kids doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. The trick is to pick an easy recipe that you and the kids can follow together. They’ll definitely enjoy these jam-filled biscuits more knowing they had a hand in the baking process. If raspberries aren’t your kids’ favourite, swap them for their favourite jam or curd.

Get the recipe for raspberry jam-filled vanilla star biscuits. 

2. No-yeast pizza

While making bread with kids can be a great lesson in fermentation, being patient often isn’t easy. The omission of yeast in this recipe means there’s a shorter proving time for your dough. If the kids are inviting a few friends over, host a pizza party. They can have fun assembling their own pizzas and you don’t have to worry about making them wait for the dough to rise. no yeast pizzaGet the no-yeast pizza recipe here. 

3. Oat crunchies

If your kids aren’t big fans of oats, this recipe will change their minds. It was made with the novice baker in mind, so it’s perfect to make with the kids. Deputy food editor Khanya Mzongwana suggests adding anything you like to the mixture – seeds, nuts, chocolate chips or raisins. We bet the kids will love adding Chuckles or candy-coated chocolates.

Oatie crunchiesGet the recipe for oat crunchies here. 

4. Chocolate Marie biscuit fridge cake

This is a school cake-sale classic! If there are any upcoming school fundraisers, this fridge cake recipe is your best bet. There’s a bit of chilling time required, but if you make it the night before, it’ll be ready to rake in the big bucks in the school playground during break time.

Chocolate marie biscuit fridge cakeGet the recipe for chocolate marine biscuit fridge cake here. 

5. Choc-banana bread

We bet you have a few overripe bananas in your fruit bowl. Get the kids to smash them in a bowl using the back of a spoon and get baking! Banana bread is an easy, fail-safe bake. The addition of chocolate will make it a treat the kids will love.

Get the recipe for choc-banana bread here. 

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