5 reasons to love the sandwich

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5 reasons to love the sandwich

The carb-o-phobia of recent years put a serious dampener on the enjoyment of our favourite cutlery-free meal. But we’re loving these 5 reasons to grab hold and tuck in to your favourite supersized sarmie.

1. It’s the meal anyone can make.

The goal is instant gratification, not Instagram perfection.
Try: this toasted tuna mayo.

2. It qualifies as a snack…

Even if it ends up containing twice the number of calories as the dinner you ate two hours ago.
Try: this griddled croque monsieur

3. It offers uniform bites of evenly distributed deliciousness.

At least, it should.
Try: this open chicken and garlic mayo sandwich

Open chicken and garlic mayonnaise sandwich

4. It can be as humble or elaborate as the mood strikes you.

A well-timed ham-and-cheese sandwich can be as satisfying as a triple-decker Dagwood.

Try: this Italian toasted cheese, ham and tomato sandwich.

5. There’s room for weirdness.

Bacon, peanut butter and banana à la Elvis; sardines and condensed milk like that weird kid you knew in high school; NikNaks and butter … all are acceptable in the sandwich realm.

Try: this milk-chocolate salted caramel, pear and Camembert toasted sandwich.

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