5 recipes to help you use up milk

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5 recipes to help you use up milk

We often overlook milk as a vital ingredient in cooking. These 5 recipes remind us of the wonderful results that cooking and baking yields when the right amount of milk is used. From hot-milk cake to milk-braised chicken, this round up explores the ways you can incorporate milk in more of your recipes.

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What do your morning cup of coffee, the kids’ bowl of cereal and smooth béchamel sauce have in common? Milk! From full cream, free-from lactose and organic, to Woolies-exclusive Ayrshire, Woolworths offers a wide range of high-quality, fresh milk to make sure all your dairy needs are satisfied. Not only does Woolworths’ rBST hormone-free milk taste good, but its packaging is kinder to the planet, too. They’ve removed the colour from the fresh milk bottle caps so they can be recycled into food-grade packaging, and the bottles are made from a renewable raw material that’s a by-product of cane sugar.

If you have a bottle of your Woolworths milk of choice, here’s what you can make:

1. Milk-and-butter-poached corn on the cob

To make sweet and tender corn, poach it in milk and butter. There’s no need to slather on butter, either. The milk-butter bath has taken care of all that work for you. Don’t throw out the milk once your corn is cooked. You can use the milk for other recipes like cornbread or use it to make overnight oats.

Milk-and-butter-poached corn on the cob recipeGet the recipe for milk-and-butter poached corn on the cob here.

2. Chocolate hot-milk cake

Not only is this cake recipe completely flop-proof, but hot milk cake has an amazing texture. It’s buttery, moist and delicate, while also being sturdy and fluffy at the same time! This recipe is also super quick – it takes just 20 minutes to bake. If you’re craving something sweet or have a last-minute occasion to prep for, this recipe won’t disappoint. Chocolate hot-milk cakeGet the recipe for hot milk cake here. 

3. Dijon-and-milk-braised chicken

Milk is a great meat tenderiser. For juicy and succulent chicken, braise it in milk. Once the chicken is cooked, use the braising milk and juices from the chicken to make a gravy. The next time you’re in the mood for a hearty chicken dish, you have to make this recipe.  Get the recipe for dijon-and-milk-braised chicken here.

4. Curry leaf ricotta

Have you ever tried to make your own cheese at home? It’s really easy. Add lemon juice to heated milk and watch it curdle. Use a clean dishcloth or cheesecloth to strain the whey from the curd and store it in brine. For this recipe, deputy food editor Khanya Mzongwana marinates her home-made ricotta cheese in a curry leaf oil to make it extra fragrant. Serve it with crackers, add a spoonful to soups and stews or simply slather it on toast – the options are endless.  Get the recipe for curry leaf ricotta here. 

5. Béchamel sauce

A bechamel sauce is a variation of white sauce that’s made using milk infused with onion, mace, cloves, bay leaves and parsley. It should be smooth with a shine and the consistency of double cream to ensure it’s thick enough to coat or bind foods lightly. It’s great with eggs, vegetable dishes, pasta, gratin dishes or soufflés.

Get the recipe for béchamel sauce here.

Find more milk recipes here. 

Woolworths offers the only milk you’ll need. All Woolworths milk is rBST hormone-free. 

Shop at Woolworths.

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