5 recipes with Grana Padano that aren’t just pasta

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5 recipes with Grana Padano that aren't just pasta

Grana Padano PDO might be best known for playing well with pasta, but this cheese is no one-trick pony. We’ve got 5 recipes, that aren’t pasta, which prove just how versatile Grana Padano PDO can be.


Roast cauliflower with parsley oil

Sure, you could simply roast cauliflower, but the addition of grated Grana Padano adds wonderful flavour and gives a crispier result.
Get the recipe for roast cauliflower with parsley oil here.

Tangy charred corn and bacon salad

Corn’s sweetness pairs exceptionally well with Grana Padano’s delicate nuttiness, which is topped with bacon and spicy sriracha sauce in this hearty salad.

Get the recipe for tangy charred corn and bacon salad here.

Crispy artichoke fritters

We can guarantee these fritters are worth the effort, especially if you’re hosting a small drinks gathering. Grate over extra Grana Padano before serving them.

Get the recipe for crispy artichoke fritters here.

Asparagus gratin with spiced Grana Padano white sauce

You already love Grana Padano grated over asparagus, so why not take it a step further with this creamy sauce?Get the recipe for asparagus gratin with spiced Grana Padano white sauce here.

Zucca e funghi al forno (roast pumpkin and mushrooms)

A wonderful hands-off dish for those days when you don’t feel like cooking, finished off with a generous flourish of Grana Padano.
Roast-pumpkin-and-mushroomGet the recipe for zucca e funghi al forno here.



The world’s most consumed Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheese, Grana Padano has been handcrafted in Italy since 1135. Grana Padano PDO is available in three vintages: from six to nine months with a mild and delicate flavour, over 16 months with a more robust flavour but retaining its mildness, and “RISERVA,” the highest quality, matured for over 20 months, with the intense and fragrant aroma that makes it a true connoisseur’s cheese.

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