5 sausage recipes that are ready in 45 minutes

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5 sausage recipes that are ready in 45 minutes

From wors and Viennas to chorizo and bangers, sausages are a versatile protein that’s often overlooked. We’re turning our attention to these meaty links that can take you from midweek budget meal to weekend braai.

When you can’t face another chicken dinner, turn to sausages to liven up your usual menu. When you’re feeling the mid-month pinch, a simple sausage bake will do, and when the budget is no issue, go all out!


A go-to recipe when you’re craving a hearty, comforting and filling meal. This recipe also gets top marks for being budget-friendly and speedy.


Get the recipe for boerewors and chickpea stew here.

Lamb sausages

Traditional Bolognese requires some time and effort, but this recipe has this classic dish on the table in half the time with no flavour compromise.


Get the recipe for lamb sausage Bolognese here.

Pork bangers

“Bollito misto” means boiled meat stew in English. This underrated Italian soup usually takes hours to simmer, but this cheat’s version is perfect for days when you need something warm and hearty in a hurry.

Easy sausage bollito misto
Get the recipe for easy sausage bollito misto here.


Breakfast on the go never looked this good. The chorizo adds a spicy kick to this carb-conscious recipe but feel free to substitute with what you have in your fridge.

Get the recipe for carb-conscious kale-and-chorizo muffins here.

Veggie forward

Sausages aren’t just for rolls and pap, they’re fantastic in salads too!

Get the recipe for butternut-and-smoked paprika sausage nacho bowl here.

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