5 simple one-pot recipes to make on a gas camping stove

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5 simple one-pot recipes to make on a gas camping stove

Whether it’s a camping trip or loadshedding, stovetop recipes get dinner done without the aid of your trusty oven. Don’t panic, you can still have delicious, speedy and effortless midweek dinners without roasting, grilling or baking. Best of all, they’re all done in one pot which means less washing up for you!

Sometimes, there’s no way to get dinner served before (or during) loadshedding. Last-minute schedule changes, after-work traffic and fatigue also factor into the equation. These are the days that make us extra grateful for camping stoves. These handy appliances make cooking without electricity drama-free. Sure, you may miss your oven, but you’re guaranteed a filling, delicious and scrumptious meal – take that loadshedding!

1. Leek risotto

Mushroom risotto gets all the praise when it comes to meat-free risottos, but it’s time other vegetables received the same adoration. Leeks are often overlooked, but they provide a mild flavour when onions or shallots are too overpowering. This meat-free dish is impressive yet simple enough to tackle during the week. Feeling fancy? Add a slice of Brie, crispy sage leaves and brown butter to take this recipe up a notch.

Get the recipe for leek risotto here.

2. Italian-style meatball subs

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of ready-made convenience products and ingredients. Purchase a tray of frikkadels on the way home or thaw before leaving for work or school in the morning. Meatball subs are usually finished in the oven, but this recipe lets the stovetop do all the work.

Italian style meatball subsGet the recipe for italain-style meatball subs here. 

3. One-pot chicken, mushroom and samp

Again, ready-made products save the day! Don’t sleep on canned samp and beans. There’s no need to wait for the weekend, you deserve your favourite comforts for midweek meals, too. What would have been a 6 hour cook now takes just 35 minutes and the flavour is never compromised.

one-pot chicken, mushroom and sampGet the recipe for one-pot chicken, mushroom and samp here.

4. Marinated pork steaks with beans and spinach

Not all midweek meals are chicken and rice, you can get cheffy if you want. This recipe features a home-made marinade, seared pork steaks, a red wine sauce and creamy borlotti beans. For maximum flavour, we suggest marinating the pork chops the night before so you can get cooking straight away.

Get the recipe for marinated porks steaks with beans and spinach here.

5. Seafood potjie paella

Usher in the weekend with a potjie paella. You can splurge and buy all your favourite seafood or stick to a few for this recipe. This recipe will truly showcase the brilliance of your camping stove.

Seafood-potjie-paellaGet the recipe for seafood potjie paella here. 

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