5 steps to the perfect avocado rose

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5 steps to the perfect avocado rose

You haven’t topped an omelette, a slice of toast or a noodle dish with an avocado rose yet? Come on guys. Get in on the Pinterest and Instagram trend now. Follow these easy steps and avoid an avocado rose fail.

How to make an avocado rose

  • Halve a slightly underripe avo (if it’s too ripe, you will end up with avo mush), remove the skin and the stone.
  • Place half, cut side down, on a board and slice horizontally as thinly as possible.
  • Fan out the slices so that they form a long line, each slice overlapping the next.
  • Starting from one end, curl the slices towards the the centre to create a rose shape.
  • Season and serve as is, or on top of scrambled eggs, salmon or chilli con carne.

Avocado need-to-know: When is an avocado perfectly ripe? Can you store it in the fridge? Here are the answers to these and other important life questions…

Place an unripe avocado in a brown paper bag along with a banana or an apple at room temperature. The bag traps the ethylene gas produced by the fruit spreading up the ripening process. You’ll know as avocado is ripe when the skin has darkened in colour and fruit “gives” a little when you squeeze it gently.

Don’t let overripe avos go to waste: make guacamole (mash roughly, don’t blitz), or purée and add to smoothies. The purée can even be frozen in freezer bags for later use.

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