5 tea time treats to lift any mood

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5 tea time treats to lift any mood

Tea time means ‘me’ time. As an act of self-love, make one of these indulgent treats… or one less indulgent but no less yummy flourless chocolate cake.


Tea time is not just an opportunity to get a snack and a warm drink between meetings. It’s a moment in your day where you can pay attention to yourself (and your sweet tooth) and feel your feelings.

1. Feeling sour?

We don’t know about you, but there’s so much happening these days that can make anybody’s mood turn. When life hands you lemons, do what we do: put it in the fridge for later and make something sweet and easy, instead.

Get the 5-ingredient microwave fudge recipe, here.

2. (Calorie) anxious?

We get it. Not only should you have your cake – and eat it, but that cake better fit the calorie requirements for the day, too. Not that we’re counting.

Find the ultimate flourless chocolate cake, here.

3. So over ‘adulting’?

Being a grown-up can sometimes get so… old. Act like a little kid at tea time again with these yummy custard cream sandwich biscuits. The texture combination will satisfy all the senses.

Try the custard cream biscuit recipe, here.

4. Beauty-deprived?

We feel like this any time we’ve been watching too much news. Make the world a better place; make something pretty. Like these baked, dainty-but-delicious cinnamon roll cheesecakes.

Find the cinnamon roll cheesecake recipe, here.

5. Feeling rebellious?

When life starts feeling too restrictive, we like to break some rules. Like having these Dalgona coffee doughnuts… with tea. Just another day, living on the edge.

Try more desserts to satisfy your coffee craving, here.

Craving a cup of tea with a sweet treat? Click here for an insanely good gingerbread tray bake infused with Higher Living tea.


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