5 vegetarian curry recipes that will make you fall in love with veggies

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5 vegetarian curry recipes that will make you fall in love with veggies

Smoky brinjals, spiced cauliflower and roasted feta all star in Khanya Mzongwana’s ingenious vegetarian curries that’ll warm your cockles while helping you clear out that veggie drawer. Whether you’re cutting down on meat or want to expand your vegetarian cooking repertoire, these recipes will make you see veggies in a whole new light.

These vegetarian inventions are all adaptations of curries I’ve eaten and curries I’ve imagined… The influences span from childhood in the Eastern Cape, to Durban, to Cambodia and the Caribbean. Make them your own!

1. Split pea dhal with grilled cabbage

Green dhal, or split pea dhal, was one of my favourite things my dad used to prepare for my brother and me, usually with amagwinya. I’ve replaced the chicken with pan-charred cabbage and it’s just as good, if not a little better (sorry, pops!).

Split pea dhal with grilled cabbage

Find the recipe for split pea dhal with grilled cabbage here.

2. Potato cauliflower bunny chow

I’m bringing this street food to the dinner table in a home-made loaf stuffed with a creamy, mildly spiced curry, which can be enjoyed no matter how much (or little) heat you can handle

Potato cauliflower bunny chow

Find the recipe for potato cauliflower bunny chow here. 

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3. Saag feta

This is my personal bootleg of saag paneer, with some tweaks. I was inspired by Priya Krishna to skip the paneer and opt for feta, which is genius! Mine is a roasted sheep’s-milk feta. Just so good.

Saag feta

Find the recipe for Saag feta here. 

4. Brinjal curry with chickpea dumplings

This curry comes together quickly and is an amazing use of those brinjals knocking about in your fridge. The chickpea dumplings are based on a Caribbean recipe and are really easy to prepare.

Brinjal curry with chickpea dumplings

Find the recipe for brinjal curry with chickpea dumplings here.

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5. Onion amok curry

I love an onion, and I adore it even more when it’s slowly cooked in a curry. This Cambodian-style curry is fragrant, slightly sweet and super mild, so it can be enjoyed even by the most chilli-shy palate.

Onion amok curry

Find the recipe for onion amok curry here. 



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