5 vegetarian dishes to help you refresh and reset

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5 vegetarian dishes to help you refresh and reset

If, like us, you’ve been eating all manner of junk food during lockdown and are in need of a little refresh, here are 5 veg-heavy dishes to make you feel that bit more virtuous.

1. Green minestrone

A comforting mix of veggies and broth, this minestrone is also a good way of using up any produce you have in the fridge. Add in broccoli, sugar snaps or mange tout, or anything green and quick-cooking.
Get the recipe for this green minestrone here.

2. Vegan Asian poke bowl

The dressing is real magic here and will transform any pile of veggies into something comforting and more-ish, so feel free to double up and use it later. This is also a good vehicle clearing out the veg drawer.
Vegan poke bowlGet the recipe for this vegan Asian poke bowl here.

3. Green fast ‘n’ fresh quesadillas with chilli-and-mint dipping sauce

Have we mentioned how much we love quesadillas? They’re the perfect way to get in large quantities of veg without feeling like you’re missing out. Just because you’re trying to eat more veggies doesn’t mean you can’t have a little cheese.
Get the recipe for these green fast ‘n fresh quesadillas here.

4. Sweet potato dhal with yoghurt flatbread

Proof that vegetarian food can be warming and hearty, this dhal is the ideal dinner for winter. You can also ramp up the veg factor by wilting in kale or spinach at the end.
Get the recipe for this sweet potato dhal with yoghurt flatbread here.

5. Baby marrow-and-pea soup

There’s nothing quite as wholesome as baby marrow and peas, and here they work together to create a creamy soup, perfect for those chilly nights. Here again, add in kale towards the end of cooking, or play around with broccoli if you’ve got some to use up.
Get the recipe for this baby marrow-and-pea soup here.


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