5 ways to keep your berries fresh

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5 ways to keep your berries fresh

It can be tricky to keep soft, delicate berries in perfect condition before you eat them. Here are some tried-and-tested ways to make sure they look and taste their best.

1. Keep them dry

Only rinse berries, except raspberries, just before you use them to prevent them from going mouldy.

2. Keep them chilled

Berries are more delicate at room temperature, making them difficult to wash, so make sure they’ve been chilled before you rinse them.

3. Give them a slight splash

Gently transfer berries to a colander and splash them rather than submerging them in water.

4. Storage is key

After washing berries, let them rest in the colander (not a bowl) in the fridge to allow air circulation.

5. Avoid the crisper drawer

The humidity is usually higher in the crisper drawer of your fridge and there’s also less air circulation, so don’t keep your berries here if you want them to last longer.

Berry good to know flavour pairings: Pair cherries with banana, coffee, dark chocolate, lemon and vanilla. Strawberries love basil, black pepper, cream, goat’s cheese and lime. And raspberries love ginger, olives, peaches, tomatoes, white chocolate and yoghurt.

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  • Vanessa Christiane
    November 5, 2016

    I normally open my berry containers and replace the bubble wrap with kitchen towel and leave the containers open. They last much longer! And store them on a shelf in the fridge, as you suggest not in the vegetable tray at the bottom of the FRIDGE! Also, check and ensure that if there is a berry that’s starting to go bad to get rid of it as it affects the rest of them.