5 ways with soup and cheese

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5 ways with soup and cheese

The right cheese can take a bowl of soup from simple to sublime. Pair smoky corn chowder with award-winning aged Gouda. Match a bowl of chunky tomato and bean with a good pecorino. Serve a silky cauliflower-and-leek number with potato puffs oozing Brie. We’ll stop right there, shall we?

Before we begin, let’s have a quick chat about croutons, shall we?

We know that croutons aren’t going anywhere (we’ll always love their classic crunch) but try these ideas for adding texture to your next bowl of soup:
Caramelised pear or apple: Top a bowl of cheesy or butternut soup with a few spoonfuls for delicious fruitiness to complement the rich flavours.
Chickpeas: Roast them in olive oil and herbs of your choice (also a delicious snack on their own).
Nori: Lightly toast sheets of this seaweed snack in the oven and crumble over Asian soups for an umami punch.
Rusks: Save the broken chunks at the bottom of the bag for garnishing and adding moreish crunch. Genius!

For foolproof tips for adding flavour, mastering the consistency and covering up mistakes when you spoil the broth, you need these 8 secrets to successful soup here.

Right, back to five of our favourite ways with soup and cheese:


Cauliflower, leek and almond brown-butter soup with potato puffs

Get the recipe here.


Smoky corn soup with cheesy egg toast

Get the recipe here.


Curried lentil and roast sweet potato soup with paneer naan

Get the recipe here.


Chunky tomato, red pepper and bean soup with pecorino baby marrow crisps

Get the recipe here.


Gammon-and-barley soup with cheesy dumplings

Get the recipe here.

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