5 ways to eat more kale

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5 ways to eat more kale

What was once the trendiest veg around, kale has now been relegated to the boring health food section and is losing its cool. We’re here to defend this leafy green, and all the ways we think it deserves more respect.

In defence of kale

Kale first became trendy with the health and wellness crowd in 2014. If you didn’t buy into the movement, don’t worry. You don’t need to do yoga, own a ‘Kale yeah’ t-shirt, or have your own sprout farm to cook with kale. If you’re already eating spinach, you’re not far off from falling in love with kale.

One of best things about kale is its texture and mild, versatile flavour. People use kale interchangeably with spinach and chard (which is a very good substitution), but kale can also do things these other two greens can’t. Its hardy texture means you’re unlikely to overcook it, or end up with soggy, lifeless strands. Its ability to retain its shape means you can eat it raw, throw it into stews and soups, wilt it down into pastas or crisp it up to add a new dimension to a soft dish. Once cooked, kale will still have a pleasant toothiness to it.

Our best kale recipes

To be quite honest, when asking ‘what can I do with kale’, it’s better to ask ‘what can’t I do with kale’? Here are some of our favourite recipes.

1. Kale chips

If you ask us, there’s no better thing to make with kale than crispy chips. They’re also one of the easiest things to make, too, simply toss the kale in olive oil and roast for a few minutes.

Roast chicken with lemon panko breadcrumbs and kale chips recipe
Get the recipe for kale chips here

2. Fish-and-kale pie with sweet-potato topping

Sure, you could use spinach here, but kale will hold its texture and offer a lovely bite.
Fish-and-kale pie with sweet potato topping recipe
Get the recipe for fish-and-kale pie with sweet-potato topping here.

3. Kale pasta

Gorgonzola and porcini mushrooms hold their own against kale, proof that this leafy green works with creamy pasta and bold flavours.
Creamy Gorgonzola fazzoletti pasta with porcini recipe
Get the recipe for creamy Gorgonzola fazzoletti pasta with porcini here.

4. Sautéed kale

If you’re after a soft veggie side – and something to counteract the heaviness of say, a crumbed, fried schnitzel – look no further than sautéed kale.

Get the recipe for crumbed chicken with sautéed kale here.

5. Kale-and-basil pesto

Another great use for kale? Adding bulk to pestos.
Kale-and-basil-pesto recipe
Get the recipe for basil-and-kale pesto here.

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