5 ways to make a meal of grapes

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5 ways to make a meal of grapes

Hannah Lewry’s absolute favourite way to eat grapes is when they have been frozen overnight and drizzled with melted dark chocolate. They are delicious on their own or with crackers and creamy gorgonzola. Here are five recipes that make it possible to enjoy grapes seven days a week.

The one-tray wonder: roasted verjuice chicken with grapes

This really is a fantastic dish and looks absolutely beautiful in the baking tray so you can bring it straight from the oven to the table. Don’t be afraid to roast the grapes with the chicken either. The salty, crispy chicken flavours are delicious with the grapes’ slightly sweet taste.

View the recipe here

The ultimate snack: Walnut breadsticks with grapes

Take breadsticks to a whole new level by serving roasted grapes on the side. Even better, add baked goat’s-milk cheese or camembert to dip them in.

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For the more adventurous: Grilled calamari and grape salad

There is so much more to calamari than deep-fried rings, like this gorgeous salad. The mayonnaise brings the different flavours together fantastically. Do give it a go.

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The perfect pair: Grapes and cheese

Since they’re more than tasty enough to eat as nature intended, why not enjoy the last summer evenings with this wonderful cheese and grape pairing? Not every weekday meal has to be laboured over (even if it is a labour of love). At the end of a long day, a wonderful platter to be picked at leisurely sometimes is the best way te eat.

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The bold and the beautiful: Italian-style grape salad

The best salads are those with big, bold flavours and interesting textures that are happy to stand on their own without a side dish. This is one of them. If you do want to bulk it up, serve it with roasted pork loin chops or a Woolworths rotiserrie chicken.

View the recipe here


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