5 ways to turn sugar into marvellous treats and desserts

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5 ways to turn sugar into marvellous treats and desserts

Got a sweet tooth? We have 5 dazzling recipes that use sugar, ranging from easy to slightly challenging – but they all result in delicious desserts, bakes and treats that will blow anyone away. Gift loved ones a jar of caramel sauce, or go all out with a spun sugar topping for a tiered cake.

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We know that the main reason for the use of sugar is its sweet taste. But sugar has many other functions in recipes beyond acting as a sweetener: it can be used to preserve fruit by making jams and syrups, it can change the texture of a dish or kickstart fermentation and, when caramelised, it lends an amber colour to your bakes. A bag of Selati pure white sugar can do all that and so much more. Here’s how to add a sprinkle of joy to your desserts using Selati.

1. Spun sugar

Working with molten sugar can be a little tricky if it’s your first time. And while that sounds intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Don’t let all that talk of sugar thermometers and hard- and soft-ball stages scare you – use spun sugar to add a professional touch to homemade cakes and desserts. Brown butter cake with caramel icingGet the recipe for brown butter cake with caramel icing here. 

2. Marshmallows

Marshmallows are good with so many things: s’mores, hot chocolate, and even as a gooey centre in biscuits. Try making your own (it’s easier than you think!) and gift them to friends or family this festive season. Use a torch for a molten sugar pull, and to get that gooey texture we all love.

How to make home-made marshmallowsGet the recipe for homemade scorched marshmallows here. 

3. Toffees

Why stop at marshmallows? Make toffees too! You only need 5 ingredients to make this salted caramel toffee. If you’ve never made caramel before, this is a very forgiving recipe – the perfect one to start you off, with a sprinkle of Hawaiian black salt as a finishing touch. If you’re thinking of using these as a gift, wrap each toffee individually.

Get the recipe for salted dulce de leche toffees here. 

4. Honeycomb

This crisp and airy honeycomb recipe is super-simple. The toffee-like honey flavour is complemented by a spongy, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Enjoy it with melted chocolate, or straight from the pan (it’s that delicious!) – or use it to decorate cakes and trifles.

Get the recipe for homemade honeycomb here. 

5. Caramel sauce

Cooking butter slightly past its melting point yields a rich, intensely nutty flavour that sings with the bittersweet notes of a good homemade caramel sauce. Add a sprinkle of salt to turn it into a salted caramel sauce.

Add a sprinkle of salt to turn it into a salted caramel sauceGet the recipe for brown butter caramel sauce here.

Selati Pure White Cane Sugar is community-grown, with joy in every crystal. Enjoy it in your cup of tea or bowl of porridge, or use it to create dazzling bakes and desserts. Sprinkle some joy – and enjoy a little helping of happiness every day.

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