6 dombolo recipes to make your stews that much better this winter

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6 dombolo recipes to make your stews that much better this winter

Local sure is lekker! Dombolo – soft, pilloughy dumplings – are a firm favourite across South Africa. Serve them on top of your favourite stew: they’ll soak up all the flavours and make for an extremely comforting winter dish. Here are six of our favourite ways with dombolo.

1. Inyama namadombolo (lamb shin with dumplings)

Owner and head chef at Emazulwini restaurant, Mmabatho Molefe, prefers serving her dombolo with lamb shin. This dish will be ready in 30 minutes.

inyama namadombolo lamb shin with dumplings

Get the recipe for inyama namadombolo(lamb shin with dumpling) here.

2. Bone marrow soup with mini dombolo

This is The Lazy Makoti’s personal twist on serving dombolo. The bone marrow soup is rich and comforting – and will be ready in just 45 minutes!

bone marrow soup with mini dombolo

Get the recipe for bone marrow soup with mini dombolo here.

 3. Giant sweetcorn dombolo

Another genius dombolo recipe from The Lazy Makoti. Pair these sweetcorn dombolo with some tasty braai relish for a quick and easy dish, perfect for cold winter evenings.

giant sweetcorn dombolo

Get the recipe for giant sweetcorn dombolo here.

4. Oxtail stew with dumplings

Always a crowd favourite, oxtail stew is also a perfect pairing for dombolo! Go low and slow with this one, it’ll be worth the wait!

oxtail stew with dombolo

Get the recipe for oxtail stew with dumplings here.

5. Lamb shank potjie with dombolo

There’s not much that’s better than a potjie cooked on an open fire. This inspired recipe, from the late Les da Chef, is a weekend wonder. It’s the ultimate, fall-apart lamb shank. Les recommended only adding salt to the stew in the last 30 minutes to bring out maximum flavour.


Get the recipe for lamb shank potjie with dombolo here.

6. Lamb curry dumplings

Place the dumplings on top of the stew so they soak up all the flavours. This recipe also works well with beef. Opt for shortrib for a saucy, rich result.

Lamb curry recipe

Get the recipe for lamb curry dumplings here.


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