6 exciting new pasta sauces to add to your midweek rotation

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6 exciting new pasta sauces to add to your midweek rotation

Let’s be honest, we will never get tired of having pasta! It’s quick, easy and versatile! If you’re looking for new pasta recipes to add to your repertoire, we’ve got you. Phillippa Cheifitz shares her favourite pasta sauces that are easy for weeknights, but impressive enough for your next Saturday supper!

1. Pumpkin, sage and anchovy fusilli

You need just 6 ingredients and 30 minutes to make this dish. The twisty fusilli catches the smooth sauce beautifully.

Pumpkin, sage and anchovy fusilli

Find the recipe for pumpkin, sage and anchovy fusilli here.

2. Mushroom-and-rosemary fettuccine

This may be the easiest mushroom sauce you’ll ever make. For best results, we recommend spooning the sauce over nests of fresh fettuccine.

Mushroom-and-rosemary fettuccine

Find the recipe for mushroom-and-rosemary fettuccine here.

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3. Linguine with mussels

These mussels have a light sauce that’s perfect for linguine. It’s flatter than spaghetti, so the sauce coats each strand. Use any extra mussels in a frittata – discard the shells and mix the mussels into the beaten egg.

Linguine with mussels

Find the recipe for linguine with mussels here.

4. Tomato-and-basil orecchiette

This tomato-and-basil sauce works well with all small pasta, but orecchiette is Phillippa Cheifitz’s favourite. You can also make a vegetarian version by leaving out the pancetta and adding extra shavings of Parmesan.

Tomato-and-basil orecchiette

Find the recipe for tomato-and-basil orecchiette here.

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5. Beans and greens with pasta

A chunky sauce and strong cheese are a good match with penne. This recipe makes use of both these elements to make a great midweek meal.

Beans and greens with pasta

Find the recipe for beans and greens with pasta here.

6. Lamb tagliatelle

The robust sauce clings to the thick ribbons of tagliatelle in this hearty recipe. You can make meatballs from scratch of course, but if you want to make things easier, opt for ready-made meatballs. No one has to know!

Lamb tagliatelle

Find the recipe for lamb tagliatelle here.

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