6 insane trifles you’ve never seen before!

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6 insane trifles you've never seen before!

Is it even Christmas without a trifle? We think not! Food director, Abigail Donnelly ups the stakes with six innovative recipes that will win over the biggest trifle hater. Think, panettone and roasted strawberries, Chuckles ice cream with mince pies and wobbly red jelly with poached nectarines, and some leaker local flavours.

1. Chuckles ice cream trifle

If you’re a fan of Chuckles, then this trifle is for you! It only needs 5 ingredients and is super-easy to make despite how fancy it looks (we’re looking at you sugar crown!).

Chuckles ice cream trifle

Find the recipe for Chuckles ice cream trifle here.

2. Lamington Peppermint Crisp trifle

Take the classic Peppermint Crispt tart and transform it into the perfect festive dessert! This beauty has triple chocolate in it to satisfy all the chocolate lovers in your life.

Lamington Peppermint Crisp trifle

Find the recipe for lamington Peppermint Crisp trifle here.

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3. Panna cotta trifle

Not a fan of jelly? Then this trifle is for you! It has panna cotta in it instead of jelly and includes blueberries, Woolworths caramel Swiss rolls and crème fraîche. It’s deliciously different.

Panna cotta trifle

Find the recipe for panna cotta trifle here.

4. Lemon meringue trifle

Speaking of being deliciously different, this lemon meringue trifle knocks it out of the park. You soak the sponge cake in sherry, limoncello, dark rum or orange juice (your choice) and layer the lemon curd and cream and meringue on top. If you’re worried about how decadent it is, you can crème fraîche or yoghurt instead of cream to cut the richness.

Lemon meringue trifle

Find the recipe for lemon meringue trifle here.

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5. Nectarine trifle

If you’re keen to have a fruity trifle, but still want to elevate it, this nectarine trifle is the answer. It’s made with poached nectarines or peaches and fresh raspberries and is topped with a cornflake crunch. We even have a variation of this trifle with meringue rather than cornflake crunch that graces the cover of our November/December 2022 issue! You decide which version you want to make.


Find the recipe for nectarine trifle here.

6. Panettone trifle

Panettone and Christmas go hand in hand and what could be more festive than a panettone trifle? There are various flavours of this Italian cake, and they all work for this recipe. Add flaked almonds roasted strawberries, custard and cream into the mix you’re good to go.


Find the recipe for Panettone trifle here. 

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