6 low-effort sandwiches to make during loadshedding

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6 low-effort sandwiches to make during loadshedding

Need a loadshedding dinner idea? We asked our community what they’re making for dinner during loadshedding, and sandwiches came out as one of the top answers. Want to eat something a little more exciting than peanut butter and jam? Here are our six top picks for sarmies to make before the power goes out, during loadshedding, or in a flash, when the power comes back on.

When loadshedding hits, we know you don’t always have the time to make a hot dinner. On those days, there’s no shame in making sandwiches for dinner. Have fun with your fillings – reach for leftover roast chicken, add last night’s salad to a wrap or follow the wisdom that anything tastes 100% better when you add it to a grilled cheese sandwich. Worried the sandwiches may not be filling enough for dinner? Bulk up your meal with a side of salad or chips.

1. Spicy tuna sub

There’s no power needed at all for this classic. Turn a humble can of tuna into an epic sandwich you can share. This sandwich aims to include various textures and flavours to keep the sandwich from being anything but bland. Creamy avocado pairs well with briny pickles and the crunchy salad adds more texture to what would otherwise be a soft and chewy sandwich.

Spicy-tuna-subGet the recipe for spicy tuna sub here.

2. Caesar sandwich

We bet “see-sal” comes out tops when you think of classic salads. What’s not to love? Crispy gem lettuce leaves are the perfect vessel for one of the most famous dressings ever! If you don’t have power for the blender, this aioli can easily be made by hand or using a pestle and mortar. If you want a meatier sandwich, add smoked chicken.

Get the recipe for Caesar sandwiches here. 

3. Gourmet crab roll

This is the lobster roll’s more affordable sibling, using Woolies seafood sticks. The cucumber and apple sticks are a break from using leaves to add crunch. If you’re craving a fishy sandwich that’s not tuna mayo, we promise this crab roll will hit the spot. The recipe does call for a blender to blitz up the topping, but this is absolutely optional.

Gourmet-crab-rollGet the recipe for gourmet crab roll here. 

4. Coronation chicken-and-corn toasties

Our go-to loadshedding supper saver is ready-made rotisserie chicken. There are tons of things you can do with roast chicken, including epic sandwiches. This one is inspired by a classic chicken sandwich – coronation chicken. It’s spicy, sweet and nostalgic. It’s designed to be cooked in a pan – which you can tackle on a camping stove – but it’s equally good cold, if the power’s already out.

Get the recipe for coronation chicken-and-corn toasties here.

5. Paloma’s hot dogs

Five minutes is all you need to boil the sausages – and you can do this on a camping stove. The best thing about getting older is knowing that the best hotdogs are more than just the sausage, the toppings matter, too. Set the table with a plethora of hot dog toppings for everyone to mix and match their favourites.

 Get the recipe for Paloma’s hot dogs here. 

6. Egg-and-sausage sandwich

Breakfast for dinner? This sandwich makes it possible. There’s a bit of cooking involved: frying sausages and eggs, but everything is ready to serve in 20 minutes, tops! You can easily swap out the pork sausages of your favourite (veggie sausages are a simple way to add more veg to this recipe) and use your favourite loaf of bread instead of ciabatta.

Get the recipe for egg-and-sausage sandwich here. 

Hungry for more sandwiches? Browse more sandwich recipes here. 

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